Criteria for inclusion

Preliminary draft of methods to select events for the calendar

1) Events should be of the arts or clearly arts-related.

2) The sponsoring organization can be either not-for-profit or for-profit; it’s the event that should matter.

3) Events can be free or require payment.

4) Events should concentrate roughly on the lakeshore triangle described by Allendale to the east, North Muskegon to the north, and Saugatuck to the south.

5) There is a fine distinction between arts and crafts. In the event of a questionable call, a subcommittee of the board will evaluate and decide.

6) Most entries will come to members of the board for inclusion on the calendar. When regular posters know and abide by our criteria, they will be given author privileges so they can post directly.

7) Other area arts committees, organizations, councils will have access to the calendar.

For more information or for help in posting events please contact David Schock,